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CD-R limited to 100 copies

Jewel case

Release date: 1 April 2008


Experimental Electronic Ambient

Vladislav Buben, the acknowledged industrial ambient musician, promoter, artist, creator of radio and art project from Belarus presents his new album Prayers Of Steel - Prologue


Vladislav Buben - musician, promoter, artist, creator of some radio and art projects from Belarus. Vladislav represents TV show about alternative electronic music ”Called for the electricians” on local MTV (Belarus). During 7 years Vlad represented radio show 'The Lost World' (the oldest radio show in Belarus about extreme & alternative music) and Radio "Mir" 107.1 FM. Vladislav is a main coordinator of Lostworld webzine and label.
Buben created some musician groups and projects in different styles. Some music projects are: Buben, Prus, Zeroism, Donald, Dark, Ego, Zhraja, Manstappz, Kein, Shamaniac, Over Voltage, Bolshevik, ex Ambassador 21, Perpetual Deathic, Skvarka, Criminal chromosome, I me mine, Bachus, Panie Kahanku e.t.c.

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