The Enchanted Wood - The Enchanted Wood [CD]

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During the cold days and the deadly nights, enjoy the music of "The Enchanted Wood"! A season project, lead by Michel Le Faou, a man with no limits. Taking his inspirations in cinema and litterature, he will bring you to a haunting world worthy of your best anxieties. "The Enchanted Wood" doesn't claim yet to be an actual band, but a passage place, and a project open to musical collaborations of all kinds.

A few interesting facts about The Enchanted Wood's debut album:
1- Contains nine songs, recorded, sung, played and mixed by Michel Le Faou with a dynamic microphone (Electro-Voice 664) and no guitar amp.
2- Instruments used: electric guitar, organ, harmonium, banjo, bass, recorder, kitchen bowl.
3- This is a strictly mono album. If one of your speakers is dead, the instruments balance will remain unaltered.

"The Enchanted Wood's debut album is a must-have if you are into experimental folk and Twin Peaks-moods. It's original, it's poetic and arty without ever tending to be pretentious at all. It's simply a very well crafted album and I do wish to hear more from The Enchanted Wood."
(Evening of Light)

"Unheimliches aus Frankreich: Ein Sad-go-round in Gruselhäusern mit schleppenden Vorhängen und mysteriösen Schritten im Obergeschoss. Geisterhaft mit einem gewissen Filmfeeling."


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