The Oval Language - Tapes Singles And Remixes [CD]
  • The Oval Language - Tapes Singles And Remixes [CD]

The Oval Language - Tapes Singles And Remixes [CD]

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This first CD album presents the old tracks restored from tapes, as well as exclusive remixes made by Guido Hübner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe). It's a wonderful excursion into the world of underground noise music which is sometimes extreme but always interesting and unpredictable. Thi is a very special appearance in our personal music research, and is a real discovery for all the fans of the experimental music genre.

The Oval Language is a project existing since 1987, created by Frank Berendt and Klaus-Peter John. They have worked with a wide variety of artists, performers and bands: Nicolai Angelov (BG), Peter Schüler, Daniel Scörnig, Wolgang Putz, Jörg Thomasius (Das Freie Orchester), Tadashi Endo (J), Guido Hübner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe), Heiner Klus, Stefan Schwab, John Tilbury & Michael Parsons (E), Tresspassers W (NL), John Grznich & Michael Northam (USA), Rüdiger Klose (Die Kastrierten Philosophen), Axel Guhlmann, Andreas Brüning, Thomas N•O•R•A Noack and Torsten Heilemann. Over the years The Oval Language have taken part in a number of exhibitions, happenings/performances and created various installations.

Klaus-Peter John was born 1960 in Leipzig, Eastern Germany. Apprenticeship in Wood-technics (Theaterwerkstätten), 1976 evening classes HGB Leipzig with G. Thielemann; 1989 study for social-cultural work, and since then is active noise/sound performance artist. He was interested in collecting sounds from all over the world; with this purpose he toured Northern Irland, Poland, Scotland, Easter Islands, Bulgaria, Chile, Hungary, Antarctica and France. He performed at Universität Botanischer Garten (Leipzig), Deutsche Bücherei, Atomic Bomb Museum (Nagasaki) etc. But the audio output of The Oval Language is not so well known: a number of tapes published 1986-1993, three CDR albums (one of them produced by Jörg Thomasius); one 10" vinyl that was released by the now defunct Hypnagogia label (UK), and a few tracks that appeared on various compilations/collaborative albums.




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