Tbc - Insecta: The Birth Of Gods [CD]
  • Tbc - Insecta: The Birth Of Gods [CD]

Tbc - Insecta: The Birth Of Gods [CD]

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This is the debut full-length CD by Thomas Beck solo project - raw and noisy soundscape inspired by the kind of the modern mythology, showing his perfect skills in uncommon treatment of synthetic sounds, samples and field recordings, after numerous small run works, different collaborations with other artists and other activity.

Thomas Beck started in the early 80s as H 6 4, influenced by the aesthetics of Dada/Futurism - an antistatement of society and music. He was active in tape/mailart network with two labels (DDT-Tapes and EX) and fanzine called "Magazine". Some years later he discovered the possibilities of natural sound phenomena - the structure and signals of being there. In 1991 he formed the "Hör-Bar" music club with Y-Ton-G and Malte Steiner and changed the name to tbc. The main idea was to make a room for exchange of musical ideas and the possibility to meet musicians from around the world. In 1992, Thomas started the new record label Wachsender Prozess for noise culture based sounds, which is still active. Together with Günter Reznicek (Nova Huta) und Felix Knoth (Felix Kubin, Klangkrieg) he launched the "Odradek" magazine, devoted to electroacoustic and electronic music, and weekly experimental music program Radio Gagarin on local autonomy radio station FSK. Further projects included some short films, art stuff, DJing, several performances with the improvisational band Six and More, the collaboration with Jan Iwers (No) called Freie Hand. Also with Guy Saldanha, Heiner Metzger, and some mail music projects with Brume, Artificial Memory Trace, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. The interactive sound installations with Istari Lasterfaher and label art exhibition at different spaces, participation in the improvisation noise group 180 Grad and the citizenship of Elgaland/Vargaland completes the presentation of this outstanding german soundartist.


"In ancient Greece birth was a sign of gods. Freaks looked alike the gods and the gods looked alike the freaks. 2000 years later monstrosity is a hidden act: eliminated and not visible anymore, it is a fruit not able to survive. The holy thrill of horror created the myths of the gods. Today there are no gods anymore, they are victims of modern society: the ancient horror is transformed to the secret state of daily life."

TBC: Akai sampler, Roland minisampler, Casio CZ-synth, Korg MS-20, concrete sounds, minidisc, mix & effects. Recorded at the Rote Flora/Hamburg and Wachsender Prozess. Thanks: Peter Kastner, Slavek Kwi and Dmitry Vasilyev.



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