20. SV - Apocalypse Desert [CD]

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20.SV reinvented the standards of extreme music with “Acid Vomit.Human Genocide” and “Insects”. Now, with “Apocalyptic Desert”, 20.SV blasts tsunamis of radioactive sand unto the modern world setting a complete new interpretation of sound and music at its most extreme levels. You may call it harsh stuff or the work of a lunatic but we simply call it the best thing that's happened to extreme music. The moaning of the world disfigured and scarred from the hand of its host....the drone of the transformation into a desert filled with radiative debris and the realization and birth of a new destructive presence....a new frequency that will disable the human mind and breed a new essence...the birth of an apocalyptic begining. The First 75 copies sold come with an exclusive 12" x 13" poster of the cover

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