V/A Interzone par Patient Zéro [2LP]

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A caritative tribute compilation to our friend Rémy Talec, who passsed away from a heart stroke on 11 November 2020

Released on double LP black/grey marbled, includes inserts. 400 copies.

Includes tracks by Gwendoline, Maman Kusters, Egoprisme, Lebanon Hanover, Brazzier, PYC, Frustration, Premier Mouvement, Follow Me Not, You Vicious!, Admin Dada, Frigo, October 27th, Irene De Milo (Mode In Gliany), and Chevalier Noir.

Coproduced by Frequence Mutine, L'Oreille Kc, French Wine Records and Steelwork Maschine.

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