Sol Invictus - In The Jaws Of The Serpent [CD+DVD]

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On September 2nd, 2011, "In The Jaws ..." will be released as a stand-alone CD for the very first time, complete with a bonus DVD featuring a nearly 60-minute live performance by Sol Invictus in Hamburg on March 27th, 1993. As with all of Auerbach's new editions of the Sol Invictus back-catalogue, "In The Jaws ..." will be released in a portrait-format Digipak with new artwork and liner notes and is limited to 700 copies.


1. Angels Fall     
2. Rise And Fall    
3. The World Turns    
4. The Runes        
5. Gold Is King        
6. TWA Corbies    
7. Somewhere In Europe
8. Media            
9. Abattoirs Of Love        
10. Raven Chorus    

Bonus DVD:
Live in Hamburg, March 27th 1991
1. Intro/ Rex Talionis
2. Angels Fall
3. English Murder
4. Lex Talionis
5. Fields
6. Trees in Winter
7. The Raven Chorus
8. Tooth and Claw
9. Black Easter
10. The Death of the West
11. Rex Talionis
12. Against the Modern World
13. A Ship is Burning

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