Sol Invictus - The Killing Tide [CD]

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As befits the album's twentieth anniversary, "The Killing Tide" is going to be re-released in a re-worked and extended edition on October 07th, 2011.
Apart from the usual upgrading of our series of new Sol Invictus editions – such as a portrait-format Digipak, revised artwork, and liner notes by Tony Wakeford – the original album is going to be accompanied by seven bonus tracks: in addition to an old DAT recording of "The World Turns" and a version of "Somewhere In Europe" that was originally released on the Schock 7", you will also find five live recordings from a concert at Frankfurt's Sound Depot back in 1991.

01. Like A Sword
02. In A Silent Place
03. Let Us Prey
04. The Killing Tide
05. Figures On A Beach
06. The Man Next Door Is Very Strange
07. Our Lady Of The Missing Presumed Dead
08. The Wild Hunt - Something Grim This Way Comes
09. A Figure On A Beach

10. The World Turns
11. English Murder (live at Frankfurt Sound Depot 1991)
12. Fields (live at Frankfurt Sound Depot 1991)
13. Raven Chorus (live at Frankfurt Sound Depot 1991)
14. Black Easter (live at Frankfurt Sound Depot 1991)
15. Death of the West (live at Frankfurt Sound Depot 1991)
16. Somewhere in Europe (originally released on Shock 7" EP)
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