Sol Invictus - La Croix [CD]

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Originally released as solo album by Tony Wakeford, "La Croix" from 1993 is nothing less than a wolf in sheep's clothing. Tony Wakeford explicitly wished for a re-release of these recordings under the name of Sol Invictus and with great pleasure Auerbach Tonträger present this release fully incorporated into Sol Invictus' oeuvre.
Just like the previous re-editions "La Croix" comes in a limited portrait format digipak, featuring enhanced artwork, liner notes by Tony Wakeford and bonus content. The latter consisting of a rare live version of the song "La Croix" taken from a sampler accompanying the magazine "On".

1. La Croix
2. The Fool
3. Double Cross
4. Come The Horsemen
5. The Wheel Of The Sun
6. The Yew
7. La Croix
8. La Croix (Live)
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