Sally Doherty - Electric Butterfly [CD]

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"Electric Butterfly" came into being when the unique vocalist and songwriter Sally Doherty (collaborative members of Shock Headed Peters, Sieben, Richard Hawley, Sol Invictus, ...) began working with the gifted musician and producer Colin Elliot. The 50-minute album include guest musicians Richard Hawley of Mute Records (guitars and vocals), Shez Sheridan (guitars) and Liz Hanks (cello).

The cool left-field pop sound of "Electric Butterfly" reveals glimpses of Sally’s life-long passion for French chanson, South American bolero and the songs of Jacques Brel and Scott Walker, and her love of incredible singers such as crazy Peruvian princess Yma Sumac and the smooth and seductive Chet Baker. This is a delicate record that will appeal to a wide audience, and please every lovers of Portishead, Björk and Goldfrapp, as well as Antony & The Johnsons´ fans.

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