Sostrah Tinnitus - L'odore del ramo spezzato [CD]

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L'ODORE DEL RAMO SPEZZATO" is a voyage moving from a silent West to a secret and magnificent East - and there, from a fixed point which we know as "the Shadow of God upon the Earth", the spiral of Cosmos takes origins. An initiatory experience, a pilgrimage, a discovery of our own mystic roots. Soft electronic sounds meet the deepest drones - music as a hieroglyph of souls. A lovely lo-fi tone poem of processed shells and other detritus mixed with unusual processed sonics. An intense work of reverence, loss, disintegration and, above all, melancholy beauty that is singularly wonderful. Subterranean sounds cluster around the drone, obscuring heaven, but always vibrating radiantly above. A ballet of a strange, catastrophic nature...
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