Roma Amor - Femmina [CD]

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Second album by this intriguing Italian Noir-Cabaret project.
10 songs that celebrate the feminine dark side in all its guises.
Italian and dialect lyrics, mostly inspired by female figures of Mediterranean folklore, that deal with the most hidden, sombre, melancholic and romantic aspects of the feminine universe.
The aged music of old Europa, with its tango, waltz and cabaret motives, is the soundtrack and the vocalist sounds like she’s putting a lot of wear and tear on her throat in order to render the mood of these combative, bad, scary, deep passionate women.
Warm latin stuff for late night listening.

Tracking list :
1. La Guerriera
2. La Belda
3. La Zirinelda
4. La Borda
5. Lo Lo Lo
6. Settimane Spagnole
7. Azzurrina
8. Ela Vera
9. Femmina
10. Nightporter
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