RAFAL KOLACKI - Ninkyo Dantai [CD]

RAFAL KOLACKI - Ninkyo Dantai [CD]

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'Ninkyo Dantai'   is the first full solo album by Rafał Kołacki. It was created mainly on the basis of field recordings. Quite specific noises made by various kinds of electrical appliances (transformers, fans, etc.) were used sound sources. Created in a continuous, monotonous, quiet at times, they were then fed into the computer and processed. They also served the purpose of creating additional sounds (samples, midi). At the end of this post-production process, they were all mixed electronically.

The album is filled with repetitive compositions of a cohesive structure and minimal character, thus referring to the sound of machine at work. In this respect, Kołacki announces his own ideological manifesto whose main idea is the thesis that technology is assuming control over contemporary civilisation and culture including music, the consequences of which are numerous natural and industrial disasters (especially the nuclear ones.) Trivial, but true.

The album is co-released by 3 labels (Huta Artzine, Noisen and Zoharum). The first 93 of 300 copies are a special limited edition designed by Ewa and Jacek Doroszenko, in a very peculiar manner which can be linked to the overall concept of the album.


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