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Occult Odyssey & El Prêtro Maniaco - Draco Quaerens Quem Devoret [CD]

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Occult Odyssey is a musical project of Dark Ritual Ambient, based on the tradition of magick. We are constantly working on musical materials to achieve gnosis, evocation and invocation, refining the communication with entities from lower planes.

Disc based on rituals for Lucifer, meditations, mantras, visualizations and chants.
Thanks to Otto Van Kleis of "El Pretro Maníaco" for this great collaboration. To Lugubrum and Lux Sum Mundi of Black Funeral Productions for the great support to release this cult.To Kali Soror for the chants in some tracks. To Filipo Mongar and Frater Avferatvr for the amazing blackart. To the camps of the Ordo Templi Orientis in Mexico: "Azur Gemano" and "Ciudad de las Piramides". 93/93.
Fr. Der Cadáver voces y chants.
Fr. Avferatvr vocals and calls
Fr. Ra- Hoor- Khuit. Instruments

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