Oda Relicta - The Crown & The Plough [CD]

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This is not martial industrial, this is martial music. Oda Relicta is the product of one Olegh Kolyada who recorded 'The Crown & The Plough' with the aid of the Zhytomyr Military Orchestra. 'The Crown & The Plough' is a well-thought-over record overviewing the history of Olegh's motherland, The Ukraine. The album scores the clash between workmen and nobles; where the crown meets the plough! Grandiosely conducted Slavonic faithful hymns, orchestral sacred marches and utopian neo-folk nicely meld into a mysterious and refined album.

Design by Nikolay Saveliev.
Mastering by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk.

"After the last note has sounded, I am left wanting more, and while it is too early to comment on whether this is the neoclassical / martial masterpiece of the year, it will be tough to beat."
Heathen Harvest

"The Crown & The Plough probably is the most bombastic and intricate neo-classical work I have heard so far. [...] Intoxicating at moments but also very impressive."

"The Crown & The Plough ist, im besten Sinne, eine Wahnsinns-Arbeit."

01. Introitus Nocturnus
02. Aurora in the Icon-Lamp
03. Ave Ploughman the Golden
04. Ave Rex Luciferi
05. Ave Rex Crowned with Laurel
06. Ave Ploughman Lauriferi
07. Ave Ploughman the Dusky
08. Ave Rex Vesperi
09. Angel upon Throne
10. Zenith of Valour
11. Marching in Flames
12. Outroitus Nocturnus

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