Ond - Ond [CD]

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Önd is the primal force, the power of life, the breath that gives life. The music is very much influenced by this and such the name was chosen. It deals with lot of low frequencies which is in connection with the breath and chanting work i do, not that i go into the studio and chant while recording... Önd for me is the obvious mix of science and spirituality, and how they are the same in many ways, especially mathamatically. I do not know how i came upon math, i just relized one day it was everything and it has become a major influence in Önd. I am not trying to say anything or at least anything new with this project. This project is just one aspect of my personal perception of the deeper and more open experience of existence. i.e. it is the manifestation, through my self, of the primal force.
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