Boltorn - All Whores [CD]

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Another dangerous NORDIC MONSTER is aproaching us!
What is BØLTORN?
Why are we going BØLTORN?
Well, BØLTORN has now been joined by NORDVARGR and bacame the monster that you will discover....

"All whores" compiles the early BØLTORN demo tapes ("I" and "II") and covers a broad palette of exquisite industrial music
From full on rhythmic assaults to depressive and oppressive textures of saturated synths roaring behind desperate vocals.
Old School Industrial of best and exquisite quality!

01. Medborgarkontraktet
02. Preach the World
03. Human Waste
04. Ordnance
05. Exterminate
06. Christian white America
07. Fading
08. Worthless
09. Weackness shall Prevail
10. You are Nothing
11. All Whores
12. Empty
13. To give up completely
14. Poison Gas Face
15. Killing it
16. Ritual of degradation

Reference 2900 Category NORDVARGR Brand Old Europa Cafe