Niko Skorpio - Escape from heaven [CD]

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Escape from Heaven is the fruit of a lengthy period of hard work, the music has been composed in 2000-2005. The musick could be described as 'industrial', mostly because it pays homage to the early Industrial groups such as Throbbing Gristle, Coil or Psychic TV by being a wide-ranged beast of experimentation as well as fusion of diverse styles. Skorpio's wide-ranged musical background shines through in Escape from Heaven; from the deep dark ambient soundscapes of last year's The Hidden Nameless album, down to the cult bands Thergothon and This Empty Flow that Niko formed in the 90's. Despite the rather diverse contents, Escape from Heaven is musically a solid package. Escape from Heaven also carries a loose storyline that can be interpreted in occult, mythological, social and personal levels. Basically the album is a Manifesto of personal Liberation and a declaration of war against all forces of boredom and stagnation.
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