New Processean Order - At War With Christ And Satan [CD]

New Processean Order - At War With Christ And Satan [CD]

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Third album by NEW PROCESSEAN ORDER, an Italian spiritual project committed to restore and spread the cult of  “The Process – Church of the Final Judgement.”
For this album NPO was Alessandro Papa (the man behind Kali Yuga editions, a writer and performer), Marcello Fraioli (mainly known for being the voice and guitar of Ain Soph), Marco Deplano (Wertham / Caligula031), Dolpo  and Adamennon...
An apocaliptic concept album (as with all NPO albums) based on the Processean mythology of the joined coming of Christ and Satan for the end of the world...

Amazing cover art-work with paintings by Daniele Serra.
Album will be co-released by "Old Europa Cafe" and "End of Kali Yuga Editions".

1.  Jack Parsons’ Babalon Working Rituals
2.  Qliphothic Evocation
3.  Kashmiri Gompa
4.  Ego Non Te Absolvo
5.  Veni, Sancte Spiritus
6.  Standing Amid the Ruins pt. 1: We Are the Elects
7.  Canticum Apocalypsis
-Act 1: Kalki Speaks
-Act 2: The Final Reckoning
8.  Standing Amid the Ruins pt. 2: After the Deluge

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