Merzbow - Hermerzaphrodites [CD]

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An unusual MERZBOW double CD album.

Two very different CD's boundedin one unique album:

§ On one disc sounds are more "Ambient Style" with a free piano and many field recordings, far and rumbling rythms and rumours (The Piano Lento ma non Troppo Madness)

§ On other disc sounds are explong deep into "Poly-Rhythmic's", continuosly beating & popping plus additionall sqeezeing & exploding sounds
(The Pop-Corn Psychedelia), to me this is the soundtrack for a new psychedelic dance.

A different & very intriguing "MERZBOW / HERMAPHRODITIC" sound.

Special "Hermaphriditic" art-work by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.
Six panels digipak full of colours & hermaphroditic images for a complete psychedelic experience.

CD 1
1. Bite of Salt Water

CD 2
1. Morpheus Ambition
2. Albatros

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