Maurizio Bianchi - A M.B. Lehn tale [CD]

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Unbearably beautiful new set of decomposed piano compositions from MB/Maurizio Bianchi, long one of the most defiantly uncategorisable post-Industrial European sound-thinkers. Parts of this disc are as elegiac and dissolved in celestial tone as William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, while other, more heavily treated moments recall the flashing psychedelic form of early electronic masterpieces like Regel. “Dedicated to all the meditative people who is living in the environmental paradise.” Highest recommendation. The environment is the place, the physical space, the biological conditions where an organism is living and, in a broader sense, is the whole of social, cultural, moral conditions in which a person lives. But what is the "A M. B. Iehn Tale"? Is the biological space where the whole social is organizing to live in a moral condition. This well explains the artificiality of the environment where we're living, photo-static flooring of the lack of true purposes and of concrete ideals. If we identify ourselves with the obsolete tradition, infested of futility, or with the sinful lust of certain primitive pulsation, that means we need to plunge ourselves into the dismay, trembling and paroxysmic musicality of the "A M. B. Iehn Tale", otherwise the vexatious insensibility will get the upper hand. The infinitesimal notes of this fervid work will coagulate the inner end of the disconnected proclamation and in their hidden spontaneity will repress the preceding pessimism. It's the neurovegetative necrosis of the technological freezing
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