Janko Krul Albanskaj - Ekezhm... [CD]

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Janko Krul Albanskaj is the work of the late Heikki Huhtanen a.k.a. Henry Zalkin. Utilizing a collage of disparate sound sources (samples galore: from third world ambience to classical diversions to radio noise... to noise itself, and more!), Janko Krul Albanskaj manipulated the sounds into brittle sonic texts of confusion and chaos. Three of the four tracks clearly follow a cut and paste, mold and kneed ideology to creation. Distinct sounds bubble to the forefront, take command, and slink back, meshing with the miasma that gurgles below. A classical piece falls by the wayside as world textures skim the surface (Quouack En Maksymardysh); disjointed glitch-like Morse-code timbres dance with singing children (Mokshapark); while caustic techno is enveloped in noise pyrotechnics (Diabolicum KÄYR). Track two, on the other hand, the 46-minute Mockba, is a dense, molten, raging ocean of kinetic white noise, a sonic vortex! As it evolves, imitation is evident, assimilating the pulse of life within an electronic sound-field as the furiously wind-eroded turbulence tumbles forth. At about the 25-minute mark, classical music slips into focus, the turbulence held at bay. The remainder of the track balances noise and sporadic classical music, masterfully so. Another unique venture from Finland's (as I like to say) always fascinating (trust me, it's Always Fascinating!) Some Place Else. (Side-Line Magazine)
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