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Innfallen - Three Days of Darkness [CD]


Format: A5 digipak  |   Catalog: ffs004  |   Released: October 30, 2009

No demon left in Hell. Not even one. In the excess wickedness and depravity of humanity has God found reason to unleash every demon, every evil spirit, to roam the Earth, causing great harm at will. Beginning with one very cold night, the sun and all of the stars shall be extinguished, creating absolute darkness. What vile creatures have been vomited forth from Hell shall be accompanied by clouds of poisonous vapors, massive earthquakes, tempestuous weather, and fire that falls as rain from the heavens. Of both the righteous and the godless, many will burn in open fields as withered grass. During this horrible tribulation, even the righteous will come to know unimaginable fear. On the third night, the stars shall return, and though the sun will rise on the following morning, few will be left alive to bear witness. Intended to capture in sound the immense fear, but also the great hope, of those hiding indoors during this time, Innfallen offers their vision of the Catholic prophecy of "Three Days of Darkness." Among a myriad of other dark ambient projects presenting scattered releases of abstract sound, in stark contrast has Innfallen - consisting of veteran Doyle Finley (of Invercauld) and talented newcomer Kevin Scala - composed a rich, illustrative tapestry of multi-layered soundscapes that is undeniably the soundtrack to the frightening prophecy of the "Three Days of Darkness." Few dark ambient projects have demonstrated such talent in composing soundscapes so clearly, so concretely linked to the themes they claim to represent. We do not promise that you will not find "Three Days of Darkness" unnerving, as you surely will, but we do guarantee that you will enjoy it. "Three Days of Darkness" is presented to you in a retro uncoated A5 digipak. Mastered by J. Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Mastering. Limited to 1,000 copies.


1. Prologue (Inner Locutions)
2. Darkness Descends
3. Day One (Outside the Righteous Door)
4. Day Two (Gnashing of Teeth)
5. Day Three (Closing the Well)
6. Light Returns
7. Epilogue (Scattered Remains)
8. New Dawn


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