Iron Halo Device - The Collapsing Void [CD]

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A fateful night on July 3rd, 1996. To a stunned Kansas City audience, Phil Easter (aka Stone Glass Steel) hacks, steals, and manipulates his way through an hour long set of harsh percussion, energetic, driving electronics, and screaming dark wails. Long a master of deconstruction and recontextualization (as witnessed on his two previous CDs as Stone Glass Steel - Industrial Icon and Industrial Meditation), Easter literally obliterates the work of others and combines it into a flawless. dirgey web of desolate beauty. The Collapsing Void represents the pinnacle of a master at work...a brilliant mutation of writhing machines ripe with the raw. pure energy of an improvised performance. From the opening introductory segment. to the final surging moments. one will find the recognizable merging with the unrecognizable. forming the creation of an entirely new that is Iron Halo Device. The second half represents a series of improvised demo works recorded over the span of a month in 1995. While quieter and openly less energetic. they are nonetheless equally as powerful and emotionally draining...forever in motion pieces that are isolating and stark one minute. stirring and cinematic the next. Together. the two halfs combine for what is surely one of the most original and compelling recordings to ever grace the industrial/dark ambient genre in the last decade. A recording destined to be a benchmark. For fans of Stone Glass Steel. the darker and noisier elements of Skinny Puppy. Decree etc 'A slithery. all encompassing sonic octopus of diverse samples manipulated into cohesive. illusive. mind altering songs...a jumble of percussive elements. a hazy rippling horizon of sounds and sonic textures flow from inception to realization with smooth. deceptive grace...astonishing!' Outburn#
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