Horologium - Earthbound [CD]

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The 3rd full-length album from Horologium, who offer 43 minutes of monumental, fierce, yet listenable music.
Aided by TROY SOUTHGATE, MARIA SOUTHGATE, MERISSA D'ARLETTE and EUSTACIA VYE on vocals, Grzegorz Siedlecki takes you on a Nietzschean trip once again. Postindustrial dirt meets martial drums, opera arias and neoclassical sublimity.
Do you remain true to the Earth?
Some of the lyrics include fragments from H.Hesse, F. Nietzsche and O. Spengler.
'Earthbound' may also be perceived as an antidote to a slowly emerging neo-christian scene within the postindustrial/martial paradigm. Horologium scorn fanatics.
Artwork designed by K.Meizter for a luxurious digipack release with additional booklet !
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