Drool - Cultural Euthanasia [CD]

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In the years before forming the FOLKSTORM project (1997-99) Nordvargr recorded some seriously vicious music under the name "DROOL".
These recordings, with the exception of one track that was featured on a Troniks compilation in 2000, was never released and was forgotten on an old backup disc.
OEC now presents this forgotten time capsule on CD.
Aan uncompromising tour de force of intense electronics, high frequencies that cut through the ears and skull, distortion and filth that pounds your brain into dizziness.
This is not music, this is pure energy.

1.  Saliva on my Boots
2.  Biting Steel
3.  Mothers Day
4.  Corrected Disciplinary Measures
5.  Kill for Power
6.  Red Flags

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