Folkstorm - Ortodox [CD]

No tax
No tax
Screaming vocals, harsh analogue filter sweeps, pulsing distorted sines and squares... Folkstorm has never sounded this angry and mean.
Maybe it is a reflection of the current state of things - regression, massunemployment and a corrupt financial system about to implode.

Ortodox is a return to the fine tradition of making music all analogue - no computers, no sequencers or modern trickery.
A pure celebration of classic Swedish Industrial music, and a protector of values that are about to be lost.


Tracklist :
01. Guldkorn från 2009
02. Ortodox Svensk Industri
03. Fade to brown
04. U.T.K.F.F.
05. We evil
06. Hela havet stormar
07. Be awake be aware
08. Workingclass Ferox
09. Schaefer
10. All the brave men
11. Ortodox Svensk Industri (unplugged)
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