Zinc Room - In Wooden Room [CD]
  • Zinc Room - In Wooden Room [CD]

Zinc Room - In Wooden Room [CD]

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"Fifth album of the Siberian project Zinc Room shows further development from the realm of deadening distorted industrial noise to the depths of dark ambient and death industrial, continuing the line started on its previous work "Shifting Soil". The author utilizes wider pallette of acoustic elements: voice, mouth harp and sounds of soil, branches, stones and glass, which brings more ritual atmosphere to the album, still sometimes he plunges everything into the electrolysis bath with already known trademark dense cocktail of metal percussion and roaring bass guitar. The album features several special guests: Vitaly Maklakov (Kromeshna, Obozdur, Light Collapse, etc.), Kein (Carved Image Of Emptiness, Scratching Soil, Prognostic Zero) and Isawald (Transistorwald, Tmavy Kruh, Esche)." [label info]

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