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The Austrasian Goat - Paved Intentions [CD]

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The Austrasian Goat is the project of the French hermit Julien Louvet. The author has always boldly experimented with sound and music form, without limiting the genre framework. Over the years, raw Black metal began to intersect more and more with acoustic neo-folk. “Paved Intentions” was composed during the work of the author in a museum, which particularly affected the imagery of music. The lyrics of "Paved Intentions" is devoted to bitterness, loneliness and personal mystical experience. Artwork drawing by José de Diego. The picture “Das Schloss” is inspired by the famous work of Franz Kafka. As a matter of fact, all the music on this disc successfully complements kafkian narration. The album was previously released as double vinyl by Vendetta records in 2012. Publishing in the CD format, we would like to present this bright work to public once again.

The endless void of infinite grey skies. The lights in my head are slowly burning away. My eyes no longer want to see anything, remorse is hidden behind the heavy curtain of offenses. Distorted space, outlines shrouded in a veil of spring snow. Lost track of time. You know, I laugh at your silence.

Preview at https://nomosdei.bandcamp.com/album/paved-intentions

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