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NKRT - Confiteor [CD]

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Confiteor is the title of a liturgical prayer common to medieval and modern Latin Catholic rites, recited during the services of Prime and Complies and beginning with the Latin verb meaning "I recognize,
I confess". The practice of confíteor is based upon the understanding of the necessity in bringing repentance before the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, which goes back to the first centuries.

By this formula, each being recognizes himself as a sinner. The prayer unfolds in two stages:
I. Confession of the state of sinner and request for intercession, II. Request for forgiveness and renewal. It is from the Roman Confiteor that comes the phrase "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa" ("it is my fault, it is my fault, it is my great fault") that the faithful says in itself, three times hitting the chest as the sign of repentance.

The album calls for penance by introspection and mortification, reconciliation and renewal by confession of fault. This is the postulate of voluntary suffering, suffering beyond any pleasure. This is the way of reminding ourselves that we are still able to feel and at the same time a way of containing our body and our ego.

Recorded by frater Stéphane in Sancta Crucis chapel in MMXVIII Anno Christi. Sounds of self flagellation, authentic medieval bells and a part of stone of Saint-Ouen abbaye were used in this record.


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