Irmologion - s/t [CD]

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"Irmologion". That word came into the orthodox religious tradition from Hellenic: irmos – a motet, and logeyo – to collect. As a single-genre chapel-book, Irmologion was first compiled from a number of irmoses in the 10th century in Byzantium. A full version of the Russian Irmologion includes about 1050 irmoses and reproduces a specific classical structure, which is submitted to so-called "8-glas system" when the irmoses within each "glas" follow the exact order of 9 songs of the Canon. The purpose of this brief inquiry is to explain the album organization: 9 tracks (Irmos 1-9) in sequence which is of great importance for the perception of music. In fact, IRMOLOGION is far from interpretation of canonic motets; this more resembles a horror-documentary soundtrack redefining one's dark vision of the world intoxicated by deceits, illusions, and errors. Consistently dark and deeply disturbing chants grow up from some distorted references to holy hymns and raise up everything to the level of apocalypse. Here, the Ceremony is no more a source from which the author draws his inspiration but an act provoking him to create a stunning alternative and send this painful challenge to the tempting and rupturing dogma. /Deluxe cardboard packaging designed by ZonderZond further advances IRMOLOGION sound and vision (Ltd x350)./
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