Eonic - Secret Land [CD]
  • Eonic - Secret Land [CD]

Eonic - Secret Land [CD]

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"Secret Land"

CD (ltd. 333)

1. Downward the Rainbow
2. Easterly Wind [mp3]
3. Secret Land
4. Desert Island
5. Temple of Silence
6. Silky
7. Well of Souls [mp3]
8. Meetings and Separations [mp3]
9. Abandoned City [mp3]
10. Seven Flows 2007 *

* - bonus

total length: 52:04
release date: April 05, 2010

* bandcamp.com
* zvsfamily.com
* vk.com/eonicmusic
Secret land lost in an unknown dimension... Like ancient ruins this place hides the traces of stories, which are told in this new album by the St. Petersburg project Eonic. This is their 6th release (and 2nd "professional" CD) and it easily combines different stylistic approaches, making its own way to the listener's heart. Ethno-gothic in vein of Dead Can Dance and Arcana is layered over tout electronic rhythms a la Delerium and Enigma and spiced by pleasant psychedelic arrangements. Musicians don't hesitate to step on the territory of pop-ambient and even new-age, and it just adds more lightness and airness to their energetic music. A firm and masterful work.

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