Eidvlon - Idolatriae [CD]

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With the release of Eidvlon's (Italy) debut CD Idolatriae, Malignant are pleased to welcome another new project into the cozy confines of their slowly expanding roster. 7 tracks of ultra bleak, abstract atmospheres, with sounds and textures that seem to seep from catacomb walls and come slithering out of subterranean chambers. Certainly, this can be classified as a dark ambient record, but at its core, it's more than just that simple classification. There's a gritty, more jagged edge here, with tetonic shifts, deep rumblings, and crackling, climatic squalls buried under a bed of ghostly reverb and haunting tonal resonance. Fits in nicely with past Malignant releases such as R|A|A|N's 'The Nacrasti', Heid's 'Arktogaa', and even Caul's 'Crucible' CD. In 6 panel digipak.

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