Death In June - Discriminate [2*Tapes] (SKM035)

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Available 20 June 2017!

For the first time officially available on tape :




Tracklist :

1A-01 Fields Of Rape
1A-02 Hail! The White Grain
1A-03 Rose Clouds Of Holocaust
1A-04 Till The Living Flesh Is Burned
1A-05 Break The Black Ice
1A-06 Torture By Roses
1A-07 To Drown A Rose
1B-01 Luther's Army
1B-02 Little Black Angel
1B-03 But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?
1B-04 Heilige Leben
1B-05 Cathedral Of Tears
1B-06 Leopard Flowers
1B-07 The Guilty Have No Pride
1B-08 Accidental Protégé
2A-01 Hullo Angel
2A-02 Heaven Street
2A-03 She Said Destroy
2A-04 Fall Apart
2A-05 Leper Lord
2A-06 C'est Un Rêve
2A-07 Touch Defiles
2A-08 The Torture Garden
2A-09 Come Before Christ And Murder Love
2A-10 Rocking Horse Night
2B-01 Hollows Of Devotion
2B-02 Golden Wedding Of Sorrow
2B-03 Black Radio
2B-04 Runes And Men
2B-05 Giddy Giddy Carousel
2B-06 13 Years Of Carrion
2B-07 Crush My Soul
2B-08 Honour Of Silence
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