Fahl - The Paths To Emptiness
  • Fahl - The Paths To Emptiness

Fahl - The Paths To Emptiness [CD]


New project Fahl was founded by Dimo Dimov, Marcel P. and Cornelius Waldner in autumn 2008. All musicians having already been active participants in numerous groups from the dark folk, neo-classical and black metal genres, they felt a growing urge to experiment with dark ambiental soundscapes. This idea of mutual collaboration resulted in the creation of Fahl’s debut opus “The Paths To Emptiness”, released by Tel-Aviv based record label The Eastern Front. New material is currently in preparation. Fahl is part of the artists’ circle “Die Neue Runde”. Fahl’s stunning debut album “The Paths To Emptiness” is a haunting journey to the subconcious, divided into ten audial gateways to the occult and hidden forces of the inner self. Lyrically based on the Mahabharata, as well as poems and texts by John Milton, Jack London, Stefan George, Christian Dietrich Grabbe and Cornelius Waldner, this release is strongly recommended for fans of projects like Brighter Death Now and Lustmord. Featuring members of Svarrogh, Sagittarius, Miel Noir and Allerseelen.

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