D.B.P.I.T. - Journey to the center of noise [CDR]

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Alien Experimental/Industrial from Italy

D.B.P.I.T. (Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter) - Journey to the center of noise

hand-numbered, Limited to 150 copies.
Normal edition (CD-R): 130 copies
Special edition (CD-R + DVD-R video): 20 copies

as the title anticipates, this work by DBPIT is based on sounds and noises personally recorded during his travels around the world, by means of minidisc, videocamera, photocamera and mobile phone. each sound, or combination of sounds, heavily processed and effected, gives life to a sort of "tribute-track" to this or that place; the places and type of noise recorded are listed in the album leaflet as well as the other instruments used for each track; the journey reaches out to outer space with the only sounds lent by an outsource: NASA's probes around the galaxy. the DVD-video shows 4 videocilps for the corresponding cd-tracks

J.T.T.C.O.N. features a rich list of guest-artists:

- Paola L
- Kenji Siratori
- MarioFOB (Circus Joy)
- ClauDEDI (Malato,Circus Joy, ex-Ain Soph)
- Spectre (Ain Soph)


1 - u-bahn
live in tokyo 29/12/06
featuring Paola on kaoss-pad
(berlin underground; trumpet)

2 - life is a stray bullet
lyrics and vocals DBPIT; guitar: MarioFOB (circus joy)
(a fountain in paris, a tap in roma; trumpet)

3 - holy veto mp3
(the townfolks of oliveto; flugelhorn; kaoss-pad)

4 - into the depths of time
(russian submarine; my teapot)

5 - bells of the distant fate
(bells of oliveto; trumpet; kaoss-pad)

6 - zombie bugs mp3
(ohio bugs,detroit airport,musical box; trumpet)

7 - sink in hell
(creaking pier and traffic light in helsinki)

8 - black paper
vocals and lyrics: Kenji Siratori; piano KimsonJa;
(fokker plane leipzig; trumpet)

9 - katvil
(chainsaw, kettle, train in riga; trumpet)

10 - test tube
(london tube; budapest bus, london music box;
kyoto station; kaosspad; trumpet)

11 - tokyo deca dance
(pachinko hall in kyoto, tokyo metro p.a. and train,
tokyo metro station chime; kaoss-pad, trumpet)

- X/tra tracks:

12 - pnrlldcrv
inspired by the location; lyrics and backing vocals DBPIT;
lead vocals, bass guitar: Spectre (Ain Soph); lead guitar:ClauDEDI (Circus Joy, ex-Ain Soph)

13 - space sounds
recorded by N.A.S.A. space probes somewhere in outer space...
...where hope lies



Official website: www.derbekannte.com


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