Deathpile - Final Confession [CD]

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CD lim. >1000< / Pain Compliance Production

After the final DEATHPILE show Jon Engman from Pain Compliance asked me to do a collection of rare and out of print DP tracks for one CD release. I took my time and went through every last DEATHPILE track I ever recorded until I compiled what is the definitive collection. I also included all lyrics from every track and an explanation of the origin of each song. If you are going to own one DEATHPILE CD - this is it.

"Final Confession" features tracks from the following releases: "Dedicated to Edmund Emil Kemper" 7" EP, "Abominations" 7" EP, "Random Acts of Cruelty" CS, "120 Days of Sodom" Split LP, "Ne Plus Ultra" CD, "Back on the Prowl" CDR, "Gutters of New York City" CDR, the DP track from the "Pornography Hurts" CDR compilation, and one track from the Deathpile / Whorebutcher split CDR. Also I included one previously unreleased track called "Slaughterhouse Pornography." This is the last song I ever wrote for DEATHPILE and the recording is from our final band rehearsal on 3.21.04.

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