Contagious Orgasm+Kadaver - A tragedy without a borderline [CD]

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Collaboration between Hiroshi Hashimoto from already legendary Contagious Orgasm and Michael Zolotov from Israeli power electronics and noise project Kadaver.
"A tragedy without a border line" is a mixture of ambient, PE and noisy sounds. Consists of 3 long pieces of musick without frontiers... Bubbling drones, sampled voices, crashes and hums.
All packed in a 6 panel digipack - designed by Michael - with rather controvensial photo inside (at least some will think so).
Format: CD digipack
Total time: 55:21
Number of tracks: 3
Catalogue Number: WRT012
Release date: 4th July 2011


1. Poison

2. Disposable

3. Antidote

Reviews in magazines and press:

Chain D.L.K.

First off, I must admit that I am a fan of Contagious Orgasm's work. 'Illegal Occupation of Ears' stands, for me, as a pinnacle of noise. As such, I was quite happy to see this in the package of review materials. I had heard of Kadaver, but had not heard much from this artist. First the packaging. The press sheet states that it comes packaged 'with rather controversial photo inside (at least some will think so).' Well, time to steal some thunder and let you know that it is nothing like the artwork in, say, Koerperwelten's 'Avatars Of Rape And Rage' or some that simply go for shock value (you can guess the kind of acts I'm talking about). This is a dead, dissected mouse. There you go. Now on to the music. The label describes the album as 'a mixture of ambient, PE and noisy sounds. Consists of 3 long pieces of musick without frontiers... Bubbling drones, sampled voices, crashes and hums.' When artists or labels describe things as a mixture, the ratios are rarely equal. This album is no different; it is heavily slanted toward noise, but it is still a mixture indeed. For example, 'Poison' starts off much more subdued than the Contagious Orgasm material that I have previously heard, with much more atmosphere. This track incorporates spoken word samples about abuse (reminiscent of Brighter Death Now's 'Little Baby') with field recordings of water and violin as noise crashes into the mix. It tacks back and both between harsh noise and atmosphere, which keeps it interesting. Disposable starts off all about the noise, but it still holds back, and descends into somber synth ambience mixed with samples of someone crying. This is much more quiet toward the end, which makes it that much more disquieting. 'Antidote' likewise keeps the mixture swirling, as it unleashes noise, only to be followed by atmospheric gloom, and back again. We get some more spoken word about lethal doses and the like. If you like your noise mixed with ambience, this is definitely one to check out. This album weighs in at around 55 minutes. Review by: eskaton

This work is a collaboration between Japan artist Hiroshi Hashimoto (aka Contagious Orgasm) and Michael Zolotov (aka Kadaver) from Israel. It comes in a six panel digipak with a "controversial" photo inside, and is released by Polish label Wrotycz. The title is "A Tragedy Without a Border Line" (with a wordplay) and consists of three very long pieces, for a duration of about 55 minutes. The album is a mix between ambient moments and very noisy situations, sounds like a journey. Everything starts very calm and turns then deeper and more intense. And there's Hashimoto's touch, for those who are used to listen to his works, it's like reading a book or watching a film with a lot of suspense, with the typical happy end supported and manipulated, on the contrary, by Kadaver. This is a very good CD: strong, acute and not boring at all. Daniele C.


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