Chaos Research - Revelations [CD]

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Neoclassical, Dark Ambient, Ethno, Electro from Finland/Germany

Chaos Research - Revelations


01. Hand in hand to the end of the world as we know it mp3
02. Longing for loneliness shall be your only friend in eternity mp3
03. The(y are there in the) pillows mp3
04. Fear and longing will be our constant companions mp3
05. To think you are right will be the first mistake mp3
06. You are not what you are supposed to be mp3
07. Beautiful genius mp3
08. Garden of hemlocks mp3
09. Flux 1337 mp3
10. Avatar mp3
11. Of becoming white mp3
12. Disintegration of Mithras mp3

Chaos Research is the new solo project of Marko (Gravehill) M. Hautamäki, also known from such bands as Majesty (THE doom metal act from Finland),
Two Witches (THE gothic rock act from Finland/Germany), SinMasters (multi-national fetish dance-metal), ex-Shade Factory (finnish ebm-band) and Gravehill Paris Witch (experimental dark ambient from Germany/Finland/USA). He is also busy doing session appearances, film music and remixes for various other bands.

The music style of Chaos Research is unique combination of neo-classical, (dark) ambient, ethno and electronic music.

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