Bad Sector - Plasma [CD]

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Super conceptual work by this main Italian industrial ambient Project !
Used sound sources :
Magnetosphere, Vostok + Salyut + Soyuz original recordings, Pulsar, High Voltage, Neon...
All those sounds are building a unique powerful & pulsing sound sculpture ...
A great mind experience !

PL1 Ions 7:42
PL2 Waveguides 7:10
PL3 Mass 6:08
PL4 Irradiation 5:20
PL5 VLBI 5:52
PL6 Luminance 4:10
PL7 Plasma 6:16
PL8 Currents 6:16
PL9 Periods 10:30

This is the second pressing and differs from the first by having a full colour cover !

Reference 2727 Category BAD SECTOR Brand Old Europa Cafe