Bastards Of Love - Decadance Royale [CD]

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Although Tobi Margaux started out as a drummer in a punk band, he soon moved on to a further adventurous side of music, namely industrial, wave and electronic body music. As Bastards Of Love he began performing numerous live shows, and releasing his songs on CD-R. The sound then became more structured and melodious. Rhythmical strength together with catchy harmonies combining the spirit of the 80's and the roots of modern electro. Running through many small Indie labels on 12'' singles only, Tobi Margaux has arisen from the vinyl release underground with his first CD. BoL’s EP ''Summer Destination'' and the album ‘Decadance Royalte’ connect old school synth-lines with amazing pumping rhythms that lead you straight into ecstasy. The vocals provide an emotional note ranging from whispering, melancholic layers, to the final heights of power: shouts of life. Invoking an experience that flows into the spirit and creates an everlasting impression. This is the language of pure energy, this is rebel electropop!
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