Ain Soph - Finis Gloriae Mundi [CD]

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Long time in the making.
16 years after OKTOBER and 26 after the seminal AURORA here comes a new chapter in the AIN SOPH cult discography.

Six surprising and very mature tracks.
Sounds range from Velvet Undergound'isch Psychedelya to Dark-industrial, from European Cabaret to Beating-Danceable rythms, from Crooner songs to Esoteric-Ritual...
But most of all the entire album has this unique "magic and spiritual" feeling that only AIN SOPH can create.

Special guests:
Vocals on "Ombre nel Silenzio" by Dara de Morte
Vocals on "God is at Home" by Annabel Moynihan

Digipak including folding booklet with all texts and notes and 4 inserts with full colour paintings of the 4 Archangels.

1. Vanità
2. Ombre nel Silenzio
3. Figli di Nessuno
4. God is at Home
5. Screams from the Abyss
6. L'Angelo Sterminatore - Il Settimo Sigillo

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