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Admin Dada - The Hypnagogic Traveller [LP]

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Review from https://www.webzinelescribedurock.com/2021/04/review-admin-dada-hypnagogic-traveller.html

First of all, you should know that the hypnagogic state characterizes a phase between wakefulness and sleep: that of falling asleep. So, as an insomniac who has trouble falling asleep, I was curious to see how Admin Dada would put all this to music. On a purely sonic level, we sail aboard rather spatial electronic drones, sometimes disturbed by more abrasive sound frequencies. It is true that when listening to this opus, one enters a form of psychedelic trip, as if the brain was following the modulations of the music, which becomes almost meditative and brings us closer to a shamanic trance state. It's a bit of a sound illustration of this particular moment when we leave the state of pure awakening to become more cottony, to feel the sensations of our body evolve, the noises gradually fade away, the breathing slow down.

Although generally calm, this work can become darker at times ("Vouivr") and approach a form of dark ambient rather psychedelic. I am well aware of Sheitan's creativity and his talent for handling atmospheres and melodies, even in quasi-atonal moments, but I find that he has surpassed himself here: this album settles in itself as a great pleasure that one immediately wishes to repeat. In addition to the digital version, the album is also available on vinyl, which will allow you to appreciate the very nice artwork.

With this album, Admin Dada has established itself among the references of modern ambient/experimental music, and one would have to be an idiot to miss it!


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