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Coume Ouarnede - Celui Qui Vide Les Arbres [CD]
Coume Ouarnede - Celui Qui Vide Les Arbres [CD]
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01.Death In June - Lives At The Edge Of The World [DVD]
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SKM11 - Death In June - Peaceful Snow [USB+BOX/USB]

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Back in stock - unlimited edition without boxset.

Gone the Totenpop guitar, it's now time to march to the 88 keys of the Lounge Corps Piano Bar; 'PEACEFUL SNOW'!

DEATH IN JUNE, NER, STEELWORK MASCHINE & STEELKRAFT MANUFACTORY are proud to announce a 21st Century debut for DEATH IN JUNE with the release of the new PEACEFUL SNOW album also available on a custom made 1 GB USB Flash drive.

The USB version of the new DEATH IN JUNE - PEACEFUL SNOW album, whose audio tracks come in both MP3 and FLAC format, will include:

I. The full 13 tracks from the CD version of the album.

II. 2 extra instrumental tracks (PEACEFUL SNOW and THE MAVERICK CHAMBER) on the 'Lounge Corps' version of the album which is only otherwise available with the first 3,000 copies of the CD. So, 19 piano/instrumental tracks in total on the USB - not 17 as on the ltd.ed. CD.

III. All the photos used for all the different versions of the CD/Vinyl of the PEACEFUL SNOW album. 15 original artwork photographs in total.

IV. 3 exclusive videos specially shot by Miro Snejdr for the album of the tracks: A NAUSEA, CEMETERY COVE and PEACEFUL SNOW.

V. Lyrics to the tracks PEACEFUL SNOW and THE MAVERICK CHAMBER. These are otherwise available only on the ltd. ed. 7" released on Extremocidente in August, 2010. There are no other lyrics printed with this new release on any other format.

The USB itself is a Black circular key-like design with a White Totenkopf 6 DEATH IN JUNE logo on one side and a Red Whiphand 6 DEATH IN JUNE logo on the other.

Never Come In From The Cold - It's too Cool outside in the 'PEACEFUL SNOW'!"

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Tracklist :

  Peaceful Snow
1-1   Murder Made History 5:11  
1-2   Fire Feast 4:57  
1-3   Peaceful Snow 4:22  
1-4   Life Under Siege 5:43  
1-5   A Nausea 4:36  
1-6   Wolf Rose 5:32  
1-7   The Scents Of Genocide 3:49  
1-8   Red Odin Day 3:31  
1-9   My Company Of Corpses 4:14  
1-10   Cemetary Cove 4:04  
1-11   Our Ghosts Gather 4:15  
1-12   Neutralize Decay 3:32  
1-13   The Maverick Chamber 4:58  
  Lounge Corps
2-1   The Maverick Chamber 4:44  
2-2   Leopard Flowers 2:42  
2-3   Hail! The White Grain 4:00  
2-4   Break The Black Ice 3:28  
2-5   The Glass Coffin 5:50  
2-6   Kameradschaft 3:23  
2-7   Luther's Army 4:22  
2-8   She Said Destroy 3:02  
2-9   Heaven Street 4:10  
2-10   Jesus, Junk And The Jurisdiction 4:37  
2-11   Runes And Men 3:51  
2-12   But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter? 3:02  
2-13   The Enemy Within 4:00  
2-14   Fall Apart 2:40  
2-15   Rose Clouds Of Holocaust 3:17  
2-16   Idolatry 2:57  
2-17   Golden Wedding Of Sorrow 5:07  
2-18   To Drown A Rose 3:04  
2-19   Peaceful Snow 4:29  
3-1   A Nausea 4:39  
3-2   Cemetary Cove 4:09  
3-3   Peaceful Snow 4:23


This article was published on Sunday 28 October, 2012.
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