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Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [CD]
Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [CD]
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SKM02 - L'Idiot Du Village - Bestioles [CDR]







Ants. Moths. Butterflies. Cockroaches. Centipedes.... And many others are featured on this L'Idiot Du Village record, for a 73 minutes opera of groovy insects doing their sometimes harsh, sometimes ambient, noise stuff, conduced and directed by L'Idiot Du Village.

L'Idiot du Village has been releasing solo albums since 1999 on labels 'Black Sun Rising', 'Broken Brains' and 'L'Eglise de la Petite Folie', and is currently a member of math-core band 'Rotule'.

Order :

Tracklist :

1 : Introduction (1:56)
2 : Bestiole #1 (1:54)
3 : Bestiole #2 (1:49)
4 : Bestiole #3 (1:05)
5 : Bestiole #4 (1:28)
6 : Bestiole #5 (4:23)
7 : Untitled (0:11)
8 : Bestiole #6 (2:53)
9 : Bestiole #7 (1:45)
10 : Bestiole #8 (1:36)
11 : Bestiole #9 (2:25)
12 : Bestiole #10 (1:43)
13 : Bestiole #11 (1:57)
14 : Untitled (0:11)
15 : Bestiole #12 (7:45)
16 : Bestiole #13 (13:47)
17 : Bestiole #14 (18:15)
18 : Conclusion (8:42)


Ein gewaltiger Aufmarsch der Bestien

VÖ: 2008 Label: Steelwork Maschine

Genre: Noise, Powerelectronics, Ambient

Auf dem französischen Label Steelwork Maschine erblicken in regelmäßigen Abständen extreme Veröffentlichungen aus den Segmenten Noise, Powerelectronics und Drone (+ Noise- oder/ und Doom Anleihen) das Licht der Welt. Mit “Bestioles” von L’Idiot Du Village schicken die “Nachbarn” ein Oeuvre ins “Rennen”, welches hervorragend ins Labelkonzept passt. Der Kopf hinter dem Projekt L’Idiot Du Village mit dem gleichnamigen Künstlernamen publiziert seit 1999 Soloveröffentlichungen, ansonsten “werkelt” der Künstler bei der Kraut-Pop Band “Arnaud Le Gouefflec & L’ Orchestere Préhistorique” und der Mathcore Kapelle “Rotule” mit, die mir bisher nicht einmal vom Namen her etwas sagen!

Inhaltlich beschäftigt sich “Bestioles” mit Kleinstlebewesen wie Insekten, Käfern, Schaben, Faltern usw., die uns zum Teil mit ihrem Anblick erfreuen oder gerade Frauen (Kein Vorurteil sondern ein Faktum!) in Angst und Schrecken versetzen. Bestimmt keine neue Thematik, welche L’Idiot Du Village hier zutage fördert, aber insgesamt spannend genug, um eine Art “Hörspiel” damit zu erschaffen.

Musikalisch erwartet die geneigte Konsumentenschaft eine Symbiose aus Ambientpassagen und harschen Powerelectronics, die gemeinsam das Gefühl vermitteln, als würde sie bzw. er umgeben sein, von kleinen “Tierchen” jeglicher Couleur, die im vorherigen Abschnitt Aufzählung fanden. Einige Publikationen im Noise- bzw. Powerelectronics Sektor transportieren Monotonie in Reinkultur, im Gegensatz dazu steht der Tonträger “Bestioles” von L’Idiot Du Village, der mit viel Abwechslungsreichtum und Spannungsbögen die Hörerin bzw. den Hörer vor der Anlage fesselt. Im Besonderen die Schwankungen zwischen Brutalität und weiten atmosphärischen Klangfeldern lassen die CD zu einem unvergesslichen Hörerlebnis werden.

Die Spielzeit von knapp über 73 Minuten mag gefallen und lässt die Rezipientin bzw. den Rezipienten tief in die Welt der Kleinstlebewesen eintauchen und gewährt durch schöne Kopfkinomomente völlig frische Einblicke in deren Kosmos. Alleine das “Einpflegen” von Geräuschen die Rasenmäher von sich geben, Vogelgezwitscher, Schafsgeblöke, Wassergeplätscher usw. offenbart herrliche Kulissen für die einzelnen Stücke. L’Idiot Du Village “bastelte” mit “Bestioles” ein sehr authentisches Album, das die Lebensräume der “Kleinen” hervorragend beschreibt bzw. darbietet.

Das Album “Bestioles” von L’Idiot Du Village erscheint in einer streng limitierten Auflage von 100 Exemplaren auf Steelwork Maschine, weshalb ein schnelles Zugreifen von Nöten scheint. Ansonsten …


Bisher kannte meine Wenigkeit diese Ein-Mann Formation L’Idiot Du Village aus Frankreich definitiv nicht, obwohl er schon unzählige Opera veröffentlichte, aber zum Glück ändert sich diese Tatsache mit “Bestioles”, den diese Arbeit sollten Liebhaberinnen und Liebhaber des anspruchsvollen Noise bzw. der niveauvollen Powerelectronics gehört haben.

Diejenigen die nicht ausschließlich Krach möchten, sondern wesentlich mehr von Künstlerinnen und Künstlern dieser Stilrichtung erwarten, müssen hier mal unbedingt ein Ohr riskieren – mein Empfehlung auch für Neueinsteigerinnen & Neueinsteiger in diese Genres.

Weitere Informationen zu L’Idiot Du Village finden Sie unter folgenden Links:

Heathen Harvest
If there’s one thing that’s immediately obvious from listening to this 73-minute opus is that whoever this is then this is the most inaptly-named project I have come across, but I suspect that more than a hint of irony is at work here. Because what is presented here is a selection of shortish soundbites, spanning a fair slice of the harsh/ambient noise spectrum, that have been created and manipulated solely from recordings of insects in the field (with the exceptions being tracks 01, 15, 16, 17 and 18). The chorus line, as enumerated in the press-release, includes ants, moths, butterflies, cockroaches and centipedes, with possibly many other examples from the available cast of thousands. It is at times a brash orchestra, at others a harmonious choir, and at still others a competing cacophony of soloists attempting to outdo each other. The one thing that holds it all together is the notion that these are the wee beasties just doing their natural thing, albeit filtered through the sensibilities of a human artist.

The best description I can use to encapsulate this is that it’s a mix of power electronics and ambient as it would be produced if invertebrates ever decided to get into the music business. The rasping, chirruping, grating, croaking, scraping and croaking used as source material lends itself well to both these implementations, and both instances serve to underline the mysterious nature of this particular branch of the animal kingdom while emphasising the vast array of their numbers out there. It also brings to the fore the often short brutal lives experiences experienced by this group, particularly in the staccato bursts of angry buzz that constitute some of the entries here.

The proceedings open with a short two-minute burst of music-hall insanity, before getting straight into the meat of the matter, as harsh grating and buzzing cacophony replaces the manic introduction. The ensuing twelve tracks take their stylistic cue from “Bestiole N˚02”, machine-gunning out short sharp spats of noise delineating the angrier, less welcoming, hairier and leggier end of the insectile spectrum The fact that they are brief episodes helps in sustaining the attention. Starting with track fifteen, “Bestiole N˚12”, things take on a more structured and less abstract countenance, even to introducing a semblance of rhythm and musicality, as well as recordings from higher forms of life. These three pieces bring a particular strain of humour, especially evident in track 17, which brings together clapping, sheep, birdsong and lawnmowers. Despite that though, I found its 18 minute plus duration something of a trial of endurance – for me it was too drawn-out and repetitive. However, track fifteen is characterised by a loping rhythm, supported by a bassline that would do any laidback reggae musician proud – rasta insects anyone?

This is a difficult album to fully assess in terms of individual tracks. It can’t be denied, however, that it is a cleverly put-together series of sound paintings and portraits, and certainly in terms of technical virtuosity then L’Idiot du Village proves himself to be anything but. But I also got the feeling that some will perceive it as nothing more than an ephemeral novelty, based solely on the fact that it uses insect noises as its main source. For myself, I think it an interesting experiment which for the most part succeeds nicely, but with some disappointments along the way.

Vital Weekly
The album titled "Bestioles" is a quite strange beast. With starting point taken in Noise, the album uses field recordings of insects, such as ants, cockroaches, moths, butterflies and centipedes to create quite unique sound spheres that lies in the crossland between drone ambient and harsh noise. Compared to many other noise albums there seems to be a more careful focus on the utilisation of sound sources giving a more sophisticated approach to the noise style. Another remarkable thing is the integration of old clips of movie and cartoon soundtracks adding a strange humorous element to the music. Interesting.

Judas Kiss
Written by Roger Batty

L'Idiot Du Village is one man French experimental project created by one Morgan Landuré and Bestioles is the projects fifth release which users all manner of insect sounds & field recordings in a very varied and constantly rewarding manner. With the tracks going from; caustic and creepy crawl noise attacks, to rhythmic & textural sound manipulated soundscaping, to all out ambient explorations weaving drone texture into the insects ebb and flow. To atmospheric and downturn guitar wonderings buzzing ‘n’ bobbing with insect matter.

All the tracks here manage to create a large range of sonic emotions too from; searing and terrorizing, to alien and soothing, to playful and buoyant. With the album often wonderfully walking the line between noise and music, rhythm and nature- all in all a very satisfying and inventive album that user’s insect sounds in very creative and original manner.


This article was published on Sunday 28 October, 2012.
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